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Perspex (Acrylic) signs really hits the ‘WOW’ factor and grabs your clients attention.

Full colour perspex signs are perfect for office reception walls, wall graphics, directional signs, light boxes and loads more.

Perspex is also referred to as acrylic or plastic. Not only can we print on perspex, we can also cut to shape and fabricate perspex for illuminated signage also.

3D letters & logos give a vibrant and fresh look to any business with flawless, refined aesthetics.  Using a range of different effects such as shadow and halo, illumination and material finishing, your sign will be eye catching and attractive.
Find the Best Perspex Signs in Sydney

Signs are essential for business. They establish your business identity on your commercial property. If you own a store in the mall, signs are something that’ll distinguish you from the rest of the shops. Signs will help you do that. Naturally, the look and design of your sign plays a very vital role. If you have a generic, faded or painted sign on your business property, your customers might make certain assumptions about your business quality that you’ll want to avoid. Perspex signs in Sydney are the ideal solution for that. They look clean and professional, leaving a great impression on your customers.

At Blur Studios, we believe that every business must have signage that looks great. Because of this, we offer our lowest price guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee as well. This ensures that you get the best deal for your money and a very fair price.

What are Perspex Signs?

Perspex signs in Sydney are essentially acrylic panels on which the lettering and the logos are printed. These panels can be of different colours, shapes, and sizes and are very customisable. This means that you can create a unique signage for your business, add your logo, and use any colour and font you want. These signs are designed through software and essentially printed on the Perspex panel. You can choose any background or panel colour from a range of options.

Facts about Perspex Signs

As stated earlier, Perspex signs in Sydney are highly customisable. You can pick any design and colour combination you want. We can also cut the signage according to your requirements using our CNC router cutting machine. This signs are ideal as small, indoor installations. They provide a very stylish, urban, and modern image and lend a level of sophistication to your business. While these signs can be used in outdoor applications as well, we don’t recommend it.

Perspex can expand due to the exposure to sun’s heat and contract when it becomes cold and that can compromise the integrity of the signage. As we essentially print the design onto the acrylic, we can add any font, pattern, logo, etc. We can design a signage for you or use the sign image provided by you. The design is printed in full-colour & looks very attractive.

Some our clients were concerned about the durability of this sign and we can assure you that it’ll last for several years easily. This material is also very easy to maintain. All you need to do is wash it is mild, lukewarm soap water & it’ll be sparkling clean. So, if you want to know more about Perspex signs in Sydney or install them on your property, just get in touch with us at Blur Studios. You can give us a call on 1300 15 3110 or fill in this online Contact Us form. If you want to request a quote, just fill in this Request Quote form with the relevant details and we’ll get back to you.

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