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Windows don’t have to just be an empty space or street view portal. Transform your windows into exciting advertisement mediums for by passers that’ll take notice and really stand out.

Blur Studios will provide you with the best advice on which vibrant colour, creative designs, layout, and the finest quality materials to choose to ensure the best quality for your money. From an appealing business name or logo, your latest promos, or even your business hours, window graphics communicate your message with no fuss.

•    Large Format Digital Images – Digitally printed stunning full colour images on your window are attention grabbing and long lasting.
•    One Way Vision ‘See through’ - Perforated one way vision used on vehicle’s rear window glass which allows vision from the inside out and not the other way.
•    Window Lettering - Finest quality adhesive rear window vinyl lettering for simple yet effective statements.
•    Permanent - Permanent complex vinyl graphics have a quick application for your long term advertisement needs such as logos and illustrations. 
•    Temporary - Short Term window vinyl offers a substitute to paint without the mess. The use of florescent colour choices shine bright but wear over time. 

For more on window signs contact us on 1300 15 31 10, send us an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave your details on our website at any time.

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  • IMG_1979-(Copy)
  • IMG_2094-(Copy)
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  • IMG_2838
  • IMG_2983
  • IMG_3151---Copy
  • IMG_3241---Copy
  • IMG_3272
  • IMG_6927
  • IMG_6929
  • IMG_7208
  • IMG_7209
  • IMG_7212
  • IMG_7586
  • IMG_7607
  • IMG_8063
  • IMG_8424
  • IMG_8431
  • IMG_8433
  • IMG_8599
  • IMG_9221
  • IMG_9222
  • IMG_9223
  • IMG_9224
  • IMG_9226
  • IMG_9243
  • IMG_9461
  • IMG_9867
  • IMG_9881
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